What are the qualities that you should consider while building a website?

There is a lot of talk about web pages and how to make a web irresistible. It is clear that when designing a website you have to take into account many technical factors, marketing, design, creativity, affordable web design and usability among others.But there is a factor that many people can distinguish between a well-designed website or a frightening web, beauty and good taste.Do you remember any website that has visually marked you? It is difficult to have a perfect website because it requires a lot of dedication, resources and investment.


The color palette must be chosen very carefully.At this point you will know that you must follow a line next to the logo and visual identity of your brand or business. Sometimes you find web pages with a lot of colors that the only thing they do is instead of highlighting or being attractive, misleading the user and in a high percentage make it leave your website and go to the competition.


You have hundreds of Typographies in the network from more serious to more cheerful or calligraphic. What do you want to convey? Like the colors, typographies should already be established in your brand identity in the corporate identity manual. But many times this is not so. Therefore, choose one or two fonts and play with them no more.

Balance between content and design

You all seek visibility with your websites. Therefore, if you have some basic knowledge then you will have as objectives to go out in the first places of Google with the keywords that your potential clients look for.SEO sometimes obsesses you so much that you forget to take care of the balance between content, design and creativity. You have to offer what the user really looks for but with a certain density of texts. Sometimes you find many visits on a page but this does not necessarily translate into more conversions. On the other hand, the importance of web analytics helps you analyze user behavior. In this way detect content errors among others, allowing you to improve each internal page including its structure and design.

Conclusion: every detail is important

Forget about introducing straw and more straw on the web. Limit yourself to what adds value and what your visitors really need to read. And play with design and creativity there are many ways to structure your texts in a web and being extensive so that they are beautiful and it does not seem like you are reading a bible and fleeing in terror. On the one hand it shows you the type of user that arrives at your site and which is not always aligned with your target audience and this must be taken into account.

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