Better Perfection in Customer Data Management

In modern business, the need to automate various processes has become commonplace. Already it becomes difficult to imagine warehouse or accounting without the use of specialized software, sales representatives use special applications for processing and sending an order to the office directly from a tablet or a mobile phone; But at the same time, relationships with clients, at least in medium and small businesses, for some reason are very often conducted without introducing automation and sufficient attention to accounting.

The Meaning

They observe all this quite often, because as a business consultant they are constantly in contact with small and medium-sized businesses. And each time they have to tell their clients how to automate customer relationships, how CRM systems work, what they are, and why in a particular case it is worth choosing one or another system.

What happens if the work of the sales department is conducted without an accounting system? Each sales manager works as he likes, fixes calls, other types of interaction with clients at his own discretion: someone is on paper, someone is in Excel spreadsheets, and someone does not consider it necessary to fix his work.

Incoming calls or requests from the site from new customers are also not recorded; it is often even difficult to understand which of the managers is engaged in the incoming application. As a result, real records are kept only at the level of paid orders and shipment of goods. And how effectively the sales department works, whether all incoming leeds are being worked through, whether some work is being done with existing contacts, it turns out to be impossible to determine. Need to know more? Then visit and get all the important information about the same.

In addition, in case of dismissal or illness of an employee, the company may lose all unfinished negotiations and unprocessed contacts, which is also extremely undesirable for effective work of the sales department.

The way out of this situation is the automation and standardization of customer relationship management, i.e. CRM system implementation.

This solution will help:

  • Get a common standardized contact database for the company (customers, contractors).
  • Effectively implement quality control of the sales department at any time.
  • Get statistics and analysis of the effectiveness of working with leads (incoming calls, queries).
  • Plan to improve the quality of work and develop a business development strategy.

In general, the process of selecting and implementing a CRM system is no different from a similar work on the choice of any other software. How they conduct work on the selection and implementation of software, they have already told in detail in previous articles, for example, here: Choosing a software product for a client. Collecting requirements and now they want to talk about the features of choosing exactly CRM-systems.

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