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Explore the New Routes to the SEO Marketing Now

What content is placed in communities and on pages in social networks? How to evaluate the success of the content strategy? How to select content for advertising companies? These questions torment any beginner, and often an experienced Internet marketer. On this topic written a huge number of articles, books, video training videos, restricted webinars. Unlike all of these articles our approach is as concise, understandable and logical as possible. It is based on the basic metrics and their significance in working out your content strategy.

In most social networks there are only 2 or 3 basic metrics, these are likes, reposts and comments. What do they indicate, how can they evaluate results with them and how do they influence the choice of content? With the Real SEO marketing you will have all the replies that you would need now.

Reposts, this is an extension of the audience

To make a person repost, information should not only fall into the realm of his personal values ​​and be liked by him, but also be useful, interesting, important, shocking. She should encourage her to share it with her friends. Reposts directly affect the recognition of your product, brand and the size of the audience.

Comments, this is the involvement of the audience in the process

What can make a person spend time and leave a comment? Most likely, this is some kind of conflict with his vision of the world or inaccuracy of information, or maybe just a desire to help your beloved company with an answer to a direct question in a post or continue, develop an idea. Comments directly affect the involvement of a loyal audience in the process.


And so, we decided that the husky, its audience loyalty, reposts, this is an extension of the audience, and the comments, this involvement in the process. Any community goes through all these stages:

  • First, the audience is recruited
  • Increased loyalty

The audience is involved in the process

This leads to a very simple conclusion: first you focus on attracting a new audience and place more content that the repost collects (you can search for content using the SMMBOX service ), then you start taking care of loyalty and, last but not least, involvement. If you break this sequence and focus immediately on engaging the audience, then you run the risk of not finishing, getting a negative feedback or not getting it at all.

Content and analysis of results

Consider the formula should be the percentage of posts aimed at certain actions. The formula for everyone can be different, but it must be and it must be adhered to otherwise you will not be able to evaluate the results of its change. With variable formulas you need to constantly experiment and analyze the dynamics.

Number of posts

Note that many people will interact with your group, page through the news feed. And, people who sit in the newsline are always at least a lot, but in percentage terms, they lose to those who come 1-2 times a day.
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